Deniz Turan, Istanbul,Turkey based contemporary jewelry&visual artist.

She studied politics at Dokuz Eylul University,Izmir,Turkey. After the graduation, she realized that the field which she wants to be in is art and design and took technical and conceptual courses for four years at Maden Contemporary Jewelry Studio in Istanbul,Turkey. In 2018, she founded “Atelier Loy”, a small gallery and a workshop where she teaches jewelry making in Istanbul.

Deniz Turan who has been in several international exhibitions and organisations was awarded Portojoia Award at Collectiva Meeting International Exhibition in 2019.

She still keeps on creating pieces of contemporary jewelry, objects and collages in her atelier.

“The World we perceive with our five senses becomes a different place with a deep realisation. My beginning motivation that moves me is my curiosity about that place. The only rule I strictly adhere to in my “open to potential surprises,semi-controlled” creating process is emphasising the importance of the human factor,hand work,idea and care in relation to “creating” or “making”. There are conceptual jewelry,object and analog collages among the works I create with the connotations of concepts, images, any material itself or colors. My primary search for all these works, in which I do not feel closer to one than the other at the point of expressing myself, is to reach a silent, strong, protesting language against the prevailing imposition of perfection.”