Deniz Turan, Istanbul,Turkey based contemporary jewellery artist.

She studied politics at Dokuz Eylul University,Izmir,Turkey. After the graduation, she decided to be in art and design field and took technical and conceptual courses for four years. In 2018, she founded “Atelier Loy” in Istanbul.

Deniz Turan who has been in several exhibitions and organisations was awarded Portojoia Award at Collectiva Meeting International Exhibition in 2019.

She still keep on creating pieces of contemporary jewellery, objects and collages in her atelier.

“It is an invaluable source of inspiration for me that every single moment of our lives and all that we come across is open to interpretation and to re-creation in different forms.

As for the contemporary jewellery, it is a field where I have the freedom of working regarding materials, subjects, techniques and interpretation.

For me, creating process is uniting the feelings and thoughts, asking questions and seeking what behind the visible.So, the most meaningful result of creating in this field is that any outcome is “valuable” as it has a “soul”, regardless of the material value of the material used.

From this point of view, my tendency to produce works that would reveal my own point of view against the current perceptions of the concepts “value” and “valuable” which are always open to debate turns this creation process into a “stance” for me.”