We have met the enemy and he is us*, 2021

System wants to work smoothly.

It has no toleration to malfunction and delay, based on standardization, plays with our perceptions and dominates them for its own perfection. The new name of manipulation and propaganda is algorithm. System seeps into our consciousness. What we reject turns into what we accept through the like button that appears on a small screen.

We create the system that destroys the individual while our options turn into our obligations.

The system exonerates itself thanks to its voluntary slaves.

*Walt Kelly, 1970

Civil Disobedience, 2021

Old photographs always impress me. Sometimes, I go to a second-hand bookseller and look at the dusty photos that have been laid about in a box. Smiles and looks of people who passed away from this world long time ago… unclaimed photos that belongs to two lovers or a big family… they are always sad.

I think about these people’s lifes who don’t have a place in a one’s family album any more and became forlorn memories. I write new stories for them. They continue to live in another form and story even if their voice,words and breath were depleted.

“Civil Disobedience” is a work from the serie ” The Long And Short Of It” that I tell such stories. Perhaps in real life, this soldier who has never seen his loved ones again, has no dramatic end in my story. He was a romantic man and believed in peace. He refused the war, returned to the land of his birth and grew roses in his garden.